Lluvia Sugar

Lluvia Sugar Distributors was founded in 2012 and distributes in excess of 100 000 MT of sugar per annum with its head office in Cape Town, South Africa. The group distributes a wide variety of sugar and sugar related products.

Lluvia has serviced all sized businesses, but focuses on the medium to small tier customers aiming to achieve  sustainable margins by adding value to the chain and provides tailor made solutions to  each customers requirements in various industries including but not limited to general  foodstuffs, confectionary and beverages.

The company’s historical ability to innovate by identifying sustainable markets and  value added services, coupled with expanding its Southern African footprint has

provided a growing and stable platform for the business to achieve its growth ambitions.  Lluvia participates in the SACU, SADC and COMESA countries whether it be procuring  or marketing locally sourced or imported products from abroad. These relationships are  integral to provide long term sustainability to the business as it gives Lluvia the ability to  procure sugar efficiently in any market condition. This is an extremely significant and key  differentiator to the other trading and distribution businesses in the market.

Best Choice Retail

Best Choice brand has become an established sugar brand in the formal  and informal retail trade and creates value in the down packaging process.

The growing brand is primed to diversify into Rice and other dry commodities as  the manufacturing plant, food safety certifications, logistics, and well established  client book is in place and geared to be leveraged against. The group has the  ambition to replicate the Best Choice model and brand across Southern Africa  and capitalism on the multiple opportunities to make local investments down  the value chain.


The group set up the Namibian operation to service both the industrial market as well  as penetrate the retail market with the Best Choice brand. The Namibian business  continues to gain significant market share in both segments and has cemented its  position as one of the three largest sugar distributors in the country. There are short  term ambitions to diversify the operation to start distributing rice.

Lluvia International

Lluvia International was established in May 2018 as the international trading division  of the group with extensive experience on the COMESA, SADC and EU sugar flows.  The business is head officed in Mauritius and the main objective of this entity is to  trade in preferential and specialty sugars where there are strategic allocations under  quota and bilateral country agreements. The trades require specific knowledge in  domestic markets and typically provide higher returns due to the benefit of group  quotas from desired origins.

The company has plans to extend its operations into a small packaging facility in the  UK to capitalise on the agency agreements it currently carries for speciality sugars  as well as the opportunity to supply the under-serviced UK and European market.

Natures Packers

Natures Packers opened their Montague Gardens doors in 2011 as a preferred  pre-packer of sugar in sizes ranging from just 5 grams to as much as 50 kilograms  and an offering that includes castor and icing sugar.

Convenience, user-friendliness, value, and variety all play a vital role in our product  developments. The aim is to provide a bespoke packaging solution to service  everything from the private home through to restaurants and industrial clients.

Nature’s Packers are proudly FSSC2000, Halaal and Kosher certified and which  means that all South Africans can enjoy the full product offering.


With the view that logistics will continue to be a critical component to any  supply chain business, coupled with the fact that the group’s largest single  expense is freight, Logistico was formed to service the internal logistics  demand. There was additional opportunity to leverage of the groups existing  fleet and warehousing services to extend the offering to strategic external  clients, including local sugar producers. With the volume of imported bulk  commodities by the Group from international as well as Southern African  origins, the ambition is to employ the skills of clearing agents in order to  offer all a full clearing service.

Lluvia Alcohols

Lluvia Alcohols (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of the Lluvia Group that sources and distributes a variety of high-quality alcohols produced from various agricultural raw materials such as sugarcane molasses, corn (maize) and grapes (wine). The alcohols are sourced from various well-renowned distilleries and distributed directly to the African and international customers.  Lluvia Alcohols distributes to the following manufacturing industries in the African and international markets:   

Lluvia Nutrition

Lluvia Nutrition is a subsidiary of the Lluvia Group of companies. It provides nutritional products for use by institutions caring for malnourished individuals and people with HIV/Aids.

Lluvia Nutrition entered into the therapeutic food market and supplies therapeutic foodstuffs to international and local aid organisations, into programmatic countries.

Today, Lluvia Nutrition is a significant supplier of specialised foods and supplements and supplies both the local and international market place.

Lluvia Nutrition is ISO22000 compliant through SGS, a testimony to our commitment to quality and traceability of all our products. Lluvia Nutrition is regularly inspected for quality by UNICEF and MSF and other international aid organisations as the need arises.

Classic Namdeli

Classic Namibian Delicatessen supplies top quality beef, lamb, pork, game and  chicken mostly from Namibia, harvested in the Savanna woodlands as well as  South Africa, that can be traced back all the way to its farm of origin.

Our knowledgeable team perfected the preparation of our products utilizing a  completely natural drying process as well as the natural smoking process of cattle  and game products are concerned. This process as well as the origin of our meat  creates a unique offering.

The Namibian Savanna woodland eco-region covers the narrow escarpment belt  that lies inland of the Namib and Kaokoveld Deserts and broadens gradually  towards the south, where it comprises extensive areas on the plateau south of  Windhoek. It is characterized by a grassy ground layer and a distinct upper layer of  woody plants. Most of the Savanna vegetation types are used for grazing, mainly  by cattle or game. Large mammal species found within the ecoregion are kudu  (Tragelaphus strepsiceros LR), springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis LR), gemsbok  (Oryx gazella LR), Damara dik-diks (Madoqua kirkii), and black-faced impala  (Aepyceros melampus petersi VU).


Afoodable was established in 1990 as a privately-owned South African business with  world class vision, producing quality liquid marinades and sauces for the local and export  markets. It is situated in the Food Production industrial area of Montague Gardens in  Cape Town.

The company produces an extensive range of its own unbranded products for the  catering and butchery markets as well as acting as a manufacturer and contract packer  for industrial and retail clients to service their private label and house brands. Afoodable  also produces an extensive selection of ethnic products for a group of local and  international exporters. All products prepared by Afoodable are prepared to set recipes  or formulations formulated either by its innovative product development team or set by  customers’ recipes. The use of both fresh and natural ingredients supports its versatility  to produce products for any market. The responsibility of food safety and quality is seen  as an integral duty of every employee at Afoodable and is controlled by an internal lab  with qualified food technologists. Our Procert audited FSSC 22000 system was first  implemented in 2018 and annually updated.

Versatile production equipment includes cooking vessels and cold emulsifiers and mixers  for the preparation of specific sauces. Various fillers lines are available depending on the  products with inline finishing and shrink and adhesion labelling also provided.

Afoodable is an approved Halaal (Muslim Judicial Council and SANHA) and Beth Din  Kosher (Parev) manufacturer.

Black Pearl RMI

Through strategic decision making and continuous investment in the business,  Black Pearl RMI strive to be a leading Project Management Company that  has the ability to operate in diverse industries and delivering a wide range of  specialized services.

Our aim is to remain active in the agricultural commodity and food manufacturing  salvage environment while expanding our hold in the chemical industry by  launching some exciting projects in association with key partnerships with the leading importers and distributors of caustic soda products.

Caustic Soda

Allianz Packaging

Allianz Packaging was formed as a paper packaging manufacturer for the Best  Choice and Nature’s Packers brands and will service the Groups Southern  African paper bag requirements. There will be additional capacity to supply  customers throughout Southern Africa in a market that is inadequately serviced.

Allianz has acquired a state of the art six color flexo printing press with  advanced technology for pre-printing high quality imagery on white or brown  paper bags. In addition, two paper bag making machines which are capable to  extend the offering shopping bags or food bags with paper rolls, on pre-printed  paper. The machines offer automatic paper feeding, gluing, creasing,

bottom-sticking and bag forming at a stroke. This is ideal equipment for  making paper bags for the grocery, loading foods, sugar, flour and many  other food grade packaging requirements.


Lluvia Metals Minerals and Energy (LMME) is an international trading firm that  deals in the Metals, Minerals and Energy.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but with a strong foot print across the  continent, LMME specializes in the buying and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous  metals, as well as a variety of ores and concentrates. LMME is able to purchase  product as principle or to export on behalf of its clients. The current offering includes  manganese, zinc and copper from Zambia as well as chrome from Zimbabwe and  South Africa. Clients are based mostly in Europe and Asia with the majority of  exports with destination China.

Current and future infrastructure projects include 3 concessions in Zambia with  prospecting license for gold, copper and manganese as well as a chrome  processing facility in the North Western province of South Africa.

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ZOONO Group are leading experts in antimicrobial protection, listed on the Australian  Stock Exchange. The local agency is a registered distributor and service provider for  the product in Southern Africa.

ZOONO has developed an unique range of long-lasting and environmentally friendly  antimicrobial solutions. The antimicrobial technology bonds to any surface and kills  pathogens including bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and mould. It has proven efficacy  and longevity and it does not leach and cannot diminish in strength.

ZOONO-South Africa offer effective antimicrobial and disinfecting services for  businesses and individuals seeking to protect their entire facility.