Lluvia Sugar

Lluvia Sugar Distributors is a company based in Cape Town, South Africa, that was established in 2012. They distribute more than 100,000 metric tonnes of sugar annually and offer a wide range of sugar-related products. Lluvia serves businesses of all sizes, with a focus on medium to small-tier customers. They strive to achieve sustainable margins by adding value to the chain and providing customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of each customer in various industries such as general foodstuffs, confectionery, and beverages.

Lluvia’s track record of innovation in identifying sustainable markets and value-added services, combined with expanding its footprint in Southern Africa, has created a growing and stable platform for the company to achieve its growth ambitions. Lluvia operates in SACU, SADC, and COMESA countries, whether it is procuring or marketing locally sourced or imported products from abroad. These relationships are critical to the company’s long-term sustainability, as they allow Lluvia to procure sugar efficiently in any market condition, which sets it apart from other trading and distribution businesses.

Lluvia plays an essential role in the supply chain for African sugar producers who have duty-free quota access to South Africa but lack sales and distribution teams in the country. The smart partnerships between the producers and Lluvia help bridge this gap. Lluvia’s competitive advantage lies in its understanding of duties, trade preferences, and logistics differentials, ensuring that sugar is procured cost-effectively. The company has a well-established route to market, an in-house sales team, a logistics department, and a fleet of vehicles to serve the market.


In Namibia and Botswana, where sugar production is non-existent, Lluvia distributes sugar to satisfy the demand of the market. The group established its Namibian sector to cater to the industrial and wholesale retail market, under the Best Choice brand. Additionally, Lluvia also supplies rice and sauces through its Afoodable business. Lluvia has successfully gained a significant share of the market in both areas, making it one of the three largest sugar distributors in Namibia. With the potential to expand, Lluvia could become a major supplier of sugar in Namibia, Botswana, Rwanda, and Southern DRC.

Furthermore, Lluvia Namibia also distributes other products such as Umoja beer powder, Sauce-on-Tap, Supreme Peanut Spread, Twizza, Clarks&Sons, PowerHorse energy drinks and Beta-vite Sorghum. Lluvia Namibia also diversified its operations by distributing rice and pasta in Namibia and Botswana.

Lluvia International

Lluvia International is a trading division of the group with extensive experience in the sugar trade in COMESA, SADC and EU regions. The division was established in May 2018 and is headquartered in Mauritius. Its main objective is to trade in preferential and specialty sugars where there are strategic allocations under quota and bilateral country agreements. This type of trade requires specific knowledge of domestic markets and it usually provides higher returns due to the benefit of group quotas from desired origins.

In addition to trading specialty sugars, Lluvia procures large volumes of sugar from Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, and Mauritius which it sells in the South African market. The company plans to expand its operations by opening a small packaging facility in the UK. This will allow it to take advantage of its current agency agreements for specialty sugars and supply the under-serviced UK and European markets.

Lluvia Nutrition

Lluvia Nutrition was founded with the goal of eradicating world hunger by providing nutritional products such as Lipid-based Nutrient Supplement-Medium Quantity (LNS-MQ) to institutions caring for malnourished individuals and those with HIV/AIDS. Later, the company expanded its reach by supplying therapeutic food products to organisations such as the United Nations Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF) and World Food Program (WFP) to aid in tackling malnutrition in programmatic countries.

Lluvia Nutrition produces therapeutic foods enriched with protein, essential vitamins, minerals, energy, and essential fatty acids to treat Severe Acute Malnutrition and other disease conditions. Each carton of food produced is enough to sustain a child for a month, making a life-saving impact. Their production facility is uniquely designed and covers over 10,000 sq.m in Cape Town, allowing for efficient shipping and delivery during emergency situations.


Now, Lluvia Nutrition has become a significant supplier of specialized foods to the local and international markets, distributing products through various aid organizations and NGOs. The World Health Organization recognizes Lluvia Nutrition as a strategic partner in the fight against malnutrition, with Lluvia being one of the five largest producers of therapeutic foods worldwide and the only major producer in Africa. Around 90% of the products produced are exported.


Lluvia Nutrition guarantees a consistent supply of safe food under hygienic conditions through their Food Safety Management System. They comply with all relevant South African legislation and approved codes of best practice to ensure the quality and traceability of their products. The company is regularly inspected by international aid organizations such as UNICEF, WFP, and MSF to maintain their commitment to quality.


Their production facility’s proximity to the port allows for efficient and low-cost logistics, and Lluvia’s expertise in sugar trading complements their manufacturing business. At its core, Lluvia Nutrition has a strong trading focus, procuring raw materials globally to continue their mission to alleviate world hunger.

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Lluvia Alcohols

Lluvia Alcohols (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of the Lluvia Group that sources and distributes a variety of high-quality alcohols produced from various agricultural raw materials such as sugarcane molasses, corn (maize) and grapes (wine). The alcohols are sourced from various well-renowned distilleries and distributed directly to the African and international customers.  Lluvia Alcohols distributes to the following manufacturing industries in the African and international markets:   

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Nature's Sugar

In 2011, Natures Packers established their Montague Gardens location. They specialize in pre-packing sugar in various sizes ranging from 5 grams to 50 kilograms, including castor and icing sugar. Our product development focuses on convenience, user-friendliness, value, and variety. We strive to offer custom packaging solutions for private homes, restaurants, and industrial clients. Nature’s Packers is compliant with FSSC Food Safety Certifications and proudly holds Halaal and Kosher certifications. This means that all South Africans can enjoy our full product offerings. We have established ourselves as a supplier of niche sugar and related products in the Southern African market.


Afoodable is a condiment manufacturer that was established in 1990. It specializes in producing customized speciality sauces and marinades for both local and export markets. 
The company is located in the Food Production industrial area of Montague Gardens in Cape Town and has a wide range of unbranded products for the catering and butchery markets. Additionally, it acts as a manufacturer and contract packer for industrial and retail clients to service their private label and house brands. Afoodable also produces a variety of ethnic products for a group of local and international exporters.
All products made by Afoodable are created using set formulations or recipes formulated by its innovative product development team or set by customers’ recipes. The company uses fresh and natural ingredients to ensure its versatility in producing products for any market. Afoodable places a strong emphasis on food safety and quality, which is seen as an integral duty of every employee. The company has an internal lab with qualified food technologists to control this. Their Procert audited Food Safety System was first implemented in 2018 and is annually updated.
Afoodable uses versatile production equipment such as cooking vessels and cold emulsifiers and mixers for the preparation of specific sauces. Various fillers lines are available depending on the products with inline finishing and shrink and adhesion labelling also provided. The company is approved by both the Muslim Judicial Council and SANHA for Halaal certification, and by Beth Din Kosher (Parev) for kosher certification.
Afoodable produces for several large retailers and well-known brands in Southern Africa. The company’s competitive advantage lies in its technical know-how and strict adherence to quality. Additionally, Afoodable owns a retail arm to drive sales for the business and ensure that the factory capacity remains optimized.

Helderberg Spices

Helderberg Herbs and Spices is a well-known supplier of high-quality and affordable spices and herbs. 

The company has a broad distribution network and serves 1,500 retailers throughout South Africa. 

Based in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, the company takes pride in sourcing only the finest ingredients for its products, ensuring that its customers get the best possible flavour and aroma in each pack of spices or herbs.

Classic Namdeli

Classic Namibian Delicatessen offers high-quality beef, lamb, pork, game, and chicken sourced from Namibia’s Savanna woodlands and South Africa. 

They take pride in utilizing a natural drying and smoking process, resulting in a unique and expertly prepared product. The Savanna eco-region is a grassy area with a woody plant layer, perfect for grazing by cattle and game, including kudu, springbok, gemsbok, Damara dik-diks, and black-faced impala. 

The butchery is located in Stikland Industrial Bellville. They supply fresh meat and biltong wholesale to the public, local retailers as well as restaurants and biltong shops in the Western Cape.