Certificates and Regulations

The Company has a reputation for supplying high-quality products. Our Food Safety Management System guarantee a consistent safe food supply under hygienic conditions.

We comply with all relevant South African legislation and approved codes of best practice.

Lluvia Food Safety Policy

Lluvia repacks sugar and coffee at our facility in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. We are committed to supplying Top-quality Products, whilst conforming to all Regulatory and customer-specified Quality & Food Safety requirements. The purpose of Lluvia is defined in our mission statement. Internal and external issues as well as the needs of interested parties are taken into account and will be reviewed regularly.

Lluvia will make available sufficient information with regard to Food Safety for all our products.  Such information will be available throughout the food chain focusing on suppliers, customers, Regulatory Authorities and any other organisation that our company may have an impact on through our products or that have an impact on our products.

The management of Lluvia undertakes to ensure the provision of monetary & time resources for the proper implementation of relevant Food Safety Certifications and is committed to continual improvement of the Food Safety Management System.

We will ensure that all staff is trained and competent to perform their tasks in line with this Food Safety Policy. All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO22000:2018, ISO/TS22000-1 and the additional requirements of our Food Safety Management System.

Lluvia will adhere to the South African legislation governing Food Safety: Act 54 of 1972, and the applicable regulations there under.

Lluvia communicates this policy to all staff during induction and amendments are communicated via departmental managers when they occur.

This policy is supported by measurable Food Safety Objectives that are established by top management.  Our system provides a full-bodied framework for setting, monitoring, reviewing and updating objectives at all levels and functions. By using the process approach (PDCA cycle), we ensure that we continually improve business activities and the Food Safety Management System.

Food Safety System Certification for Lluvia Sugar Distributors (Pty) Ltd.

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