Lluvia Cycling Team Embarks on the Ultimate Desert Dash Adventure Namibia.

Five brave cycling warriors, sponsored by Lluvia Distributors Namibia and Best Choice, are embarking on a challenging adventure – the Desert Dash! On Friday, 8th December 2023, along with 1000 other cyclists, they start their journey from the Grove Mall in Windhoek and cycle 397km to Platz Am Meer in Swakopmund. Their goal is to complete this epic journey within 24 hours. Our team consists of a fearless solo women’s rider, Catherine and a 4-man cycling squad fueled by sugar, who are ready to conquer the Namib Desert in style!

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Standing tall in front of the Best Choice Sugar truck and the Lluvia Sugar Namibia Head Office in Windhoek, with the support of the Lluvia Distributors group cheering them on.

We wish our team endless tailwinds, well-padded seats, and zero flat tires throughout their journey. May the desert vibes be ever in their favour!