Lluvia Protected by ZOONO

Lluvia has chosen Zoono Anti-Microbial Solutions (ZAMS) in South Africa’s surface sanitisation & decontamination service, allowing us to offer the necessary proven hygiene-critical precautions to protect us all from Covid-19 and other diseases. ZOONO® offers a protective barrier on top of routine cleaning where there is a risk of infection. ZOONO® enables us to adhere to strict hygiene and sterile protocols. Improve food manufacturing productivity. Drive down costs related to food safety protocols & follow excellent hygiene practices and standards.

Unlike other sanitisers, ZOONO® creates an invisible microbe shield that destroys Covid-19 and a range of other viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, mould and yeast with a long-lasting effect. Destruction is immediate and ongoing. Once applied ZOONO® skin & surface sanitiser stays active for up to 30 days of protection on surfaces and 24 hours on the skin and does not wash off. Therefore, providing confidence that our environment is micro-biologically safe.

ZOONO® is water-based & free from harmful chemicals. It’s safer for our staff and customers, whilst being deadly to a wide range of pathogens.