Lluvia Distributors in Namibia has been awarded the Supplier of the Year Award.

We take great pride in our partnership with Lluvia Sugar Distributors in Namibia. In October, Lluvia Distributors Namibia was awarded the prestigious Metro Supplier of the Year 2023 award, a testament to its outstanding performance. Lluvia Distributors Namibia serves the industrial and wholesale retail market under the Best Choice brand. The company has successfully captured a significant market share, making it one of the three largest sugar distributors in Namibia. In addition to sugar, Lluvia Distributors Namibia also distributes other products such as Umoja beer powder, Sauce-on-Tap, Supreme Peanut Spread, Twizza, Clarks&Sons, PowerHorse energy drinks and Beta-vite Sorghum. Lluvia Namibia has also expanded its operations by distributing rice and pasta in Namibia and Botswana.

Metro Supplier award