Acquisition of Afoodable Group

It’s been a year since The LLuvia Group participated in a strategic acquisition and Joint Venture with Afoodable. Appointing Jack Friedman as the leader of this enterprise who had one focus in mind: Complement the existing business structures and achieve its future growth ambitions. I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before. But it’s … Read more

Lluvia Alcohols most recent addition to the Lluvia Group.

Lluvia Alcohols (Pty) Ltd is the most recent addition to the Lluvia group and was set up to expand the group’s well-established African footprint, whilst simultaneously capitalizing on the extensive international experience of the alcohol team and their suppliers. Lluvia Alcohols (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of the Lluvia Group that sources and distributes a … Read more

Lluvia Protected by ZOONO

Lluvia has chosen Zoono Anti-Microbial Solutions (ZAMS) in South Africa’s surface sanitisation & decontamination service, allowing us to offer the necessary proven hygiene-critical precautions to protect us all from Covid-19 and other diseases. ZOONO® offers a protective barrier on top of routine cleaning where there is a risk of infection. ZOONO® enables us to adhere to strict … Read more