in trading agricultural commodities

Group Overview

The Lluvia comprises of a group of companies with a primary main focus on trading agricultural commodities.

Lluvia Sugar Distributors was the founding company in 2012 and now distributes in excess of 100 000 MT of commodities per annum with operations spanning South Africa, Mauritius, Namibia, Zambia and more  recently, Botswana. 

We know how business works

Our success is people

An essential requirement has been the entrepreneurial spirit of the energized staff and highly ambitious senior management team, supported by excellent sales, administrative, technical and operations divisions. Lluvia are focused on building valuable relationships with their clients backed by a renowned reputation of delivering high service standards.

Constant improvement

Over the past years, Lluvia build its infrastructure and the systems to handle a significant amount of business. They have worked aggressively to make advancements, and other leasehold improvements to establish the business. The Company has a reputation for supplying high quality products. Our Food Safety Initiative guarantees consistent safe food supply under hygienic conditions. The Company also participates in the SACU, SADC and COMESA countries whether it be with locally manufactured or imported products or from abroad.

Strong local knowledge and agile strategy

Lluvia has a management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive experience and skills. The company's management team consists of people with broad backgrounds in manufacturing, automation, and finance. The Company has developed strong working relationships with their customers and plan to further this area by continuing to offer customers value-added improvements and vertically-integrate the business to support these improvements.